Our quality philosophy is that every single piece that leaves our company has to be tested to the extreme.

To achieve this philosophy and satisfy customer demands we developed our own quality control test bed to achieve maximum quality.

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Our ongoing development of test beds result in the newly developed and deployed version of our CT-complete test quality management device which enables us to to test our products to temperature stability, aging stability, outdoor exposure stability and so on. During this extreme cycling of our products we simulate extreme working conditions and simultaneously check working performance with capturing of more than 72 relevant working parameters to guarantee best quality and stability of our products.

Some of these parameters are:

  • Temperature stability,
  • Voltage stability,
  • Current load,
  • Frequency interference impact,
  • Frequency reflection impact,
  • self-containment sensor threshold,
  • frequency stability of local oscillators,
  • transient gain stability,
  • noise-figure analysis
  • modem connectivity,
  • modulation type compatibility,
  • Performance of unit SRN, MER, BER, FEC,…
  • frequency path phase noise (PN)
  • ICMP analysis…