Globtel’s AIR products are fixed wireless systems that can deliver ultrafast broadband with triple-play services. Globtel’s AIR provides a wireless infrastructure connection between the operator and the end-user. For easier understanding, AIR can be seen as physical infrastructure just like the cables in wireline networks. To be able to transport data over wireline network data transmission technology is needed. In wireline networks several data transmission technologies like DSL, VDSL, Docsis etc. depending on the type of infrastructure can be used.

Just like in wireline networks radio data transmission technology is needed with AIR to deliver broadband access. AIR supports several radio data transmission technologies. You can combine the AIR solution with Docsis or LTE radio data transmission technology. The choice depends on existing infrastructure and market conditions.

AIR at its core is a wireless bridge and does not interfere with the data transmission signal. It can be produced to operate on any frequency from 2 GHz to 100 GHz. It uses Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) to deliver data traffic in each direction. This means that one frequency is used for downstream (from the base station to end-user) and another frequency for upstream (from the user back to the base station). The system can utilize up to 500 MHz for one sector antenna and multiple antennas with different frequency range can be used in the same sector. Flexible frequency allocation, ultrafast broadband speeds and the ability to offer triple-play services make it the best choice for a fixed wireless last-mile solution. With the evolution of data transmission technology also so called FDX can be used.



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