AIR Gigaray Integra is the latest addition to the AIR Gigaray product series.Globtel AIR Gigaray Integra was specially designed to reduce indoor footprint as the DOCSIS remote PHY is integrated directly into the base station sector antenna and fully incorporated in Harmonic CableOS virtual Docsis CMTS cloud solution and its ecosystem. Key factors, that differentiate the AIR Gigaray Integra in the FWA ecosystem are:

  • Sector capacity of up to 4.7 Gbps in the downstream and 2.7 Gbps in the upstream
  • End user throughput capacity of in excess of 1 Gbps in the downstream
  • Coverage range of up to 50km
  • Unlimited capacity of connected users (limited by throughput only)
  • Any service, normally seen on cable or fiber networks is supported like TV in DVB or IPTV, VoIP, OTT, VOD, Catch up TV,…


It’s transmission technology combined with AIR, results in a state-of-the-art fixed wireless system it can match the performance of fiber networks and state-of-the-art cable networks.

AIR with Docsis 3.1 can be a very competitive solution in areas with high population density and even in well-developed markets demanding high end-user throughput. It can provide a broadband speed of more than 18 Gbps per base station sector antenna by using 500 MHz of frequency bandwidth.

4.0 is already in development phase providing even higher speeds and the possibility of using FDX.

AIR Docsis 3.1 Maximum base station downlink throughput at 500 MHz per sector Maximum throughput at end-user – 192 MHz
4096 QAM modulation 18600 Mbps 1785 Mbps

Cable operators can easily extend their footprint and seamlessly integrate AIR with Docsis 3.1 in their existing network, OSS/BSS, billing and other systems. All standard Docsis equipment can be used with AIR and can be purchased from a wide variety of vendors.

Nr. of BS sectors Frequency bandwidth per sector Total IP downstream capacity
1 500 MHz 4650 Mbps
2 500 MHz 9300 Mbps
3 500 MHz 13950 Mbps
4 500 MHz 18600 Mbps