As a valuable partner, we would like to thank you for agreeing to answer a few short questions about the AIR Fixed Wireless solution.


 1.      What was the situation and what made you choose a fixed wireless solution?

There was an urgent need for capacity and high speed data (as competition was high) and would have been too lengthy and costly to put fiber optics. So this solution came as a god-send. With high speed internet and video capabilities.

2.      Why did you decide to choose specifically the Globtel AIR System?

For the reasons as above and its fast deployment and very user friendly supplier

3.      What were the effects of the deployment for Emtel?

Effect of a new innovation for the company on the market. Fast deployment of solution. So much market demand that sales could not follow!  

 4.      Very briefly, how would you describe your experience with the Globtel AIR System?

Very good effects. On the Brand as innovator. On market as a long needed fast solution for customers. Need however to have a very detailed implementation and expansion plan to avoid customer demand not being met. So a good coverage essential at start

 5.      How would you describe the customer feedback of the users that are connected via the Globtel AIR System?

 Overall excellent – problems mainly with quality cabling/installations at customer premises.