As a result of the coronavirus pandemic and related lockdowns, the world has seen an unprecedented surge in demand for connectivity, capacity and services.

Video Conferencing apps, e-learning apps, e-government portals and similar report a surge in traffic and numbers of users accessing their websites and applications.

The demand for capacity and stability has never been more crucial.

Our clients are providing connectivity for schools, neighborhoods, business, health facilities and government institutions which are essentials in these times that will change or online behavior forever. The trends in e-learning, e-government, online tutoring and similar have been on the slow rise for the past few years but now that people had no other choice but to do it all online, these habits will stay with consumers after the pandemic and reopening as well. And that includes shopping, streaming, gaming and other forms of entertainment.

Many wired and wireless networks, DSL, fixed or mobile have been overloading with traffic in general and many end users are suffering too low bandwidth due the infrastructural limitations.

We are ready to support you with market leading solutions in terms of capacity, coverage range and cost efficiency in licensed and unlicensed bands:

  • TVWS
  • 10 GHz
  • 12 GHz
  • 24 GHz
  • 25 GHz
  • 26 GHz
  • 28 GHz
  • 31 GHz
  • 37 GHz
  • 47 GHz
  • 59-61 GHz
  • 69-76 GHz (outside USA)
  • 80-86 GHz (outside USA)

Main features being:

  • Up to 4.3 Gbps per 90 degree sector antenna in the downlink
  • Up to 50 km (32 miles) range
  • Low latency – 8-12ms
  • User limitation by throughput only
  • Unlimited services (DVB, IPTV, VoIP, ..)

For further information and details, reach out to, we will be happy to discuss!