The world is moving towards gigabit broadband with an immersive media consumption environment – requiring ultra-fast broadband and content delivery.

Having access to infrastructure that can deliver such high speeds with integrated media delivery is crucial!

Fiber and cable networks lead the way into gigabit broadband.

Where do fixed wireless networks fit in?

Countries in Africa, LATAM, Middle East and some parts of Asia are falling behind in broadband penetration due to outdated or missing wireline infrastructure. Massive parts of rural USA and Canada are just about the same. In Europe, it is in many cases not much different when considering rural broadband penetration and development.

There are obvious advantages and disadvantages to all main technologies, fiber, cable and wireless. In the past, the main problem for wireless versus wired was capacity. Fixed Wireless simply was not able to compete as the throughputs and cumulative capacities available could not sustain consumer needs.

With new generation fixed wireless technologies this has changed significantly. Today, FWA networks can, without any trouble, provide enough capacity to fulfill all the needs that an average consumer has today.

The advantages of FWA are mainly in time to market and cost. Fixed wireless access network can be deployed literally within a week or two on a larger scale while wiring that kind of territory would take years. The cost is another significant factor. Connecting a home in a greenfield environment with cable or fiber can cost up to 10 times more than connecting it via fixed wireless while the service will remain the same.

Fixed wireless today can support a service provider with state of the art, future proof access technology supporting any and all services currently available on wired networks including but not limited to TV, ultra-high-speed broadband, VoIP and OTT services.

Globtel, with our unique and market leading FWA solution and over a decade of experience in deployment and integration of fixed wireless access networks, can help with a solution that will fit into almost any possible scenario and help a service provider in quick deployment and seamless integration into existing networks. And most importantly, assure a significant advantage over the competition due to extreme cost efficiency of our solution while still maintaining nearly the same quality of service as on wired networks.

After all, our customers do not say that their end clients do not even notice that they have a wireless connection and not fiber for nothing!

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