In the coming years, fixed wireless will more and more be the preferred last mile solution for service providers and investors on all 6 continents and especially in the African, LATAM and North American market.

The reason for that is relatively simple, it is by far more cost efficient than wired technologies and with the newest solutions out there, FWA can now compete with wired in regard to services, throughputs and reliability.

Africa and LATAM, that have many densely populated urban areas still served with legacy DSL networks or saturated WiFi, 3G and 4G networks are the ideal markets for FWA solutions same as the US and Canadian markets with their vast rural and suburban underserved areas.

Legacy networks were enough for almost the last decade although the need for data was not as high as it is today and spectrum was very hard to be acquired. All of that has now changed as regulators on virtually the worldwide telecoms market are making spectrum available in wide bands for FWA deployments as governments have realized it is the fastest and most cost efficient way to provide high speed broadband access to their respective countries population.

The AIR solution is not just another solution but we are confident in saying it is the most efficient for mass deployment. Not that it only outplays the competition in regard to throughputs but also in regard to services as it supports any service that would be available on wired networks including full triple play, OTT,…

Apart from that it is very easy to implement on any market due to not being fixed to any specific frequency. Instead it can be tailored to any frequency that is available in said market ranging between 2 GHz and 42 GHz.

Key differentiators between the AIR Solution which is today implemented in North America, Caribbean, Russia, Europe and several African markets including Rwanda, Sierra Leone The Gambia  and Mauritius are:

  • Unprecedented throughput of up to 5.3 Gbps per 90 degree sector antenna
  • Unprecedented range of up to 50 kilometers (31 miles)
  • No physical limit to the number of users connected (apart from the throughput itself)
  • Extremely short time to market
  • No limit in regard to services that can be offered (broadband, triple play, backhaul…)
  • Supports standard equipment at the headend and at the customer premises
  • Compatibility with any existing OSS/BSS

For any questions and inquiries in regard to commercial or technical part of the solution please feel free to reach out to either my LinkedIn, or info@air-net. We will be more than happy to engage into an informal conversation as well.


We are actively looking for partners who can help us introduce to solution efficiently to operators in Africa, APAC, North America, LATAM and CIS.