Today, everything is about 5G and the future 5G deployments providers are planning. It is said that in the future, 5G will resolve connectivity problems for the unconnected or those that can only get data connections that were considered state of the art 10 years ago.

All those problems can be solved today because FWA solutions, which are equal to what current 5G pilots of providers like for example Verizon Wireless promise, already exist.

Last week, Verizon announced that the “peak speeds” of their 5G fixed wireless product will be 1 Gbps but users “usually ought to get around 300 Mbps”. A truck roll will still be needed as well. With this solution, the mobile provider plans to challenge the wireline providers. And they will succeed in some cases for sure as the wireline networks are not always well maintained and so on so this is more than enough. But it is not the revolution that was promised. At least not yet. When it comes to greenfield operations though, it is a different story. The cost of deploying such a solution in comparison with laying fiber or cable is insignificant and gives the mobile operator a massive advantage.

To get back on the track though, the FWA solution that can compete with current 5G deployments is the proprietary Globtel AIR System. It is a good fit for small, medium and large providers as it supports state of the art services, is cost effective and fast to deploy.

There are several use cases in which the Globtel AIR System is the ideal last mile solution, some of them being:

1.       Mobile goes fixed

The Globtel AIR System enables mobile operators to enter fixed market and offer fiber like triple play services with low cost and easy integration into mobile network. It also allows mobile network traffic off load and can be used as a backhaul for mobile base stations.

2.       Mobile multi-play

Mobile operators can easily add TV offering to their fixed mobile service and take advantage of multi-play offering.

3.       Cable expands footprint

Cable operators can instantly extend existing network coverage and gain new customers with seamless integration and the use of existing network and CPE equipment.

4.       DSL providers

DSL providers can easy upgrade the services they are offering via DSL which does not have the capacities needed for higher demand clients and for corporate users

5.       Access to remote / underserved areas

Existing operators or investors are now able to offer triple play service to underserved areas cost effectively and with high ROI.

Often enough, the cost efficiency is one of the main factors when opting for a Fixed Wireless Solution. The cost of a deployment differs from case to case but in general principle the cost of deploying the Globtel AIR System is as following:

1.       Home Passed – from USD 25 per house hold

Cost of home passed starts from just 20 EUR per household as one base station can cover territory in radius of up to 50 km. To connect the customer just install transceiver, antenna and CPE.

2.       Home Connected – from USD 110 per house hold

The system design allows multiple users to be connected to one transceiver and still enjoy fast internet service. Cost per household connected starts from 100 EUR per household in combination with multidwelling units.

3.       Home Activated – from USD 215 per house hold

Total capex per active user starts from 200 EUR for MDU users and from 300 EUR for combination of MDU and SDU users. This allows operators to start their business even in areas with lower purchasing power or less populated areas. The cost represents only a fraction of the cost needed for a wireline connection.


Low CAPEX and OPEX in combination with high throughput make AIR system a very good investment opportunity.

On average our customers reach a breakeven point in 12 months and a positive ROI in only 36 months.

Positive ROI can be achieved much sooner as well but it depends on different factors like for example if it is a completely greenfield operation or an existing provider, ARPU,.. but 36 months is where everyone has achieved positive ROI.

Besides the business part, what the Globtel AIR Solution excels at are its capacities which include:

·         10 Gbps of bandwidth per sector antenna

·         Up to 2 Gbps per end user

·         Up to 50 km of coverage range

·         No limit apart from the throughput itself in regard of users connected

·         Providing any service one would expect from a provider like TV, broadband, VoIP, VOD, ..

Last factor that I would like to point out in this article is the Globtel AIR Systems diversity.

It is proving its worth in three continents including both emerging markets of Africa and mature markets of Europe and North America. It is deployed in urban centers, suburban areas and sparsely populated rural regions.


For more information please contact us via or message me through InMail on LinkedIn and we will be more than happy to answer any potential questions.

The CEO of our European HQ Mr. Andrej Jarc, the US branch CEO Mr. Eric Diaz and myself will be attending the SCTE show in Atlanta end of October as well and are looking forward to have an informal discussion with anyone who would like to get some more details or discuss potential use cases.