Many of us have been preaching that the digital divide needs to be a matter of history. We are in 2018 and people in some areas are still using dial-up! Yes, dial-up. Or so called “broadband” of 4 Mbps. That is not broadband! Not in 2018.

You are more than likely aware that the FCC has made a massive 2 billion USD fund available for the development of rural broadband in the USA.

If not, you can find further information here:

So when, if not now, is the time to break the digital divide and bring the rural population true broadband that they need?

·         Broadband speeds above 50 Mbit/s,

·         Cheap VoIP calls,

·         200 channels of live TV in SD or HD,

·         Possibility to stream video content in HD and 4K.

I hear you say: “We cannot afford fiber. It is too expensive.”

You are right. Fiber usually is too expensive. But we are not talking about fiber here.

We are talking about wireless !

There is a solution that costs only a fraction of the fiber deployment and delivers fiber like broadband. We introduce you to the AIR system:

·         Up to 10Gbit/s of throughput per sector antenna (4×10 Gbit/s per BS)

·         Up to 2 Gbit/s download speed per end customer

·         Up to 50 kilometers reach (31 miles)

·         Full triple play support (TV, VoIP and Internet)

·         Number of clients limited only by throughput

·         Unlimited number of “TV Only” clients

·         Latency lower than 50ms

·         Cost per customer connected starts from USD 300

·         Low number of base station locations

·         Low CAPEX and OPEX

·         Especially suitable for suburban and rural areas

Given the main criteria for the winning offer for FCC subsidies are speeds that can be offered to the end customer, rapid deployment, cost and latency, we are certain that AIR system solution is the best fit for your project.

There currently is no other wireless system available that can come close to the throughput of the solution and no wireline deployment can come close to the cost. It goes without saying that the time factor is also key. Nothing can be deployed as fast as a fixed wireless system.

Do not wait and miss out. The deadline for FCC Phase II application ends 30 March 2018.

You can check if your area is eligible for FCC funds here:



If you want the state of the art solution that is future proof and would like to have the highest odds to be one of the auction winners, you should strongly consider choosing a project based on the AIR System.

It will be our utmost pleasure to answer any questions or concerns and figure out the best way to go forward and support you with your application!

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