Right now, fixed wireless access solutions are a hot topic, especially with the introduction of 5G in the fixed segment.

There are many different types that fit several different scenarios and applications.

The key advantages of the Globtel AIR fixed wireless access solution make it the best fit in several different scenarios ranging from urban to extremely rural.

The most common and best practices that our clients utilized are:

  • Underserved major cities in mature and emerging markets

As one of the key advantages of the Globtel AIR solution is unprecedented throughput it is perfectly suited to serve larger communities in a very cost-efficient manner.

As there are in most cases very few base stations locations required to serve a large number of households and enterprises the CAPEX investment is very low both in comparison to wired access technologies as well as alternative FWA solution.

Service providers, utilizing Globtel AIR today, are serving up to 10.000 enterprise and residential customers per base station providing broadband only or triple play services.

  • Underserved rural areas in emerging and mature markets

Another key advantage is the distance that the Globtel AIR Solution can cover. Depending on the spectrum that is being utilized, the distance at which a client is served can be up to 50 kilometers (32 miles). As such, there is no requirement for household density in order to make the solution feasible as a very large area is covered and the cost per home served is significantly lower than it would be utilizing any other solution, let it be wired or wireless.

Another way to use the solution, especially in mature markets with large rural areas, is small rural communities with a relatively small number of households and SMEs. Most of such communities have a silo or a water tower. A small, cost efficient, base station that still has the required throughput to serve 500+ communities with 100 Mbps throughputs, can be deployed on a structure like that and start serving the community in a moment’s notice.

In this type of application, even unlicensed frequency bands in the high mmWave portion of the wireless spectrum can be utilized as they are supported today.


  • Underserved suburban areas

In many cases, the suburban areas of major cities, either in emerging or mature markets, are underserved and require a significant upgrade in infrastructure. Most of the time, investing into wired networks is costly and very time consuming. Often, fixed wireless access solutions are being selected as the alternative to wired networks as the time to market is significantly shorter and they are by far the most cost efficient.

As mentioned in the above two paragraphs, if the Globtel AIR solution is selected, the CAPEX investment and OPEX are lower than with any other access solution due to its high capacity and large coverage area.


In a partnership between Globtel Holding and Harmonic, we have recently presented a combined solution of Harmonic’s signature CableOS system and Globtel’s AIR which provides market leading capacities in the fixed wireless access segment. The solution was presented at a webinar which recording you can find HERE .

A general overview of the solution can be found HERE.