Globtel Holding, manufacturer of the leading Fixed Wireless Access equipment in terms of performance is partnering with Airbox Canada in order to approach the Canadian market.

We believe that given Airbox Canada’s expertise in the segment and established network within the Canadian telecoms market, this partnership will greatly improve the Canadian telecoms infrastructure in the mid and long term.

“After a long term business relationship Globtel had with Airbox Canada, we are now very happy to have partnered closely for the Canadian market and are looking forward to support Airbox in the introduction of the fixed wireless solutions to the Canadian market which we believe we benefit greatly from this cooperation” says Andrej Jarc, the CEO of Globtel.

“Airbox Canada is proud to partner with Globtel Holdings in Canada.  Having spent years in the fixed wireless solutions here in Canada we are excited for many upcoming projects along with new opportunities becoming available here in Canada.” Said John MacNeil, VP of Sales and Business Development of Airbox Canada.

Globtel AIR Fixed Wireless solution is now ready to support Canadian operators in the 69 GHz – 71 GHz license exempt spectrum providing unprecedented coverage range and throughput in this type of spectrum.

Key features that are supported in the spectrum range between 69 and 71 GHz are:

  • Up to 3 Gbps of cumulative throughput per sector antenna
  • Up to 1.5 Gbps of end use throughput
  • 7 kilometers of maximum coverage range
  • Services equal to wired networks like IPTV, DVB TV, VoIP,…
  • No limitation in regard to users connected apart from the throughput itself

We will be happy to support Canadian operators in the unlicensed bands mentioned above, TV White Space or any licensed spectrum bands between 2 GHz and 100 GHz.

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