More than often, high capacity backbones pass through rural areas. They pass through or close to small cities, towns and villages but people living in those areas still get less of a connection that they could from those backbones due to missing appropriate last mile solution.

At some point, an MSO from an EU country discovered, that even though the country itself was in the top10 by broadband coverage, there were still underserved areas. The MSO had fiber rings built out but it just wasn’t feasible for any wireline deployment to be made in those areas as it would take too much time and the cost would be sky high as well. As a result, the return on investment would be very far in the future. Time was a big factor because they were competing against an incumbent operator who had the infrastructure but offered relatively poor service with quite high cost.

Due to these facts, the MSO chose a fixed wireless solution.

At this point, there are many fixed wireless solutions available like fixed LTE, WiMAX, carrier grade WiFi,.. All of them can be considered broadband and all of them serve their purpose. But is this really what people in 2018 would expect? Is there really nothing better? Something where you do not need 100 base stations to serve 1500 households? Something where you can offer more than just internet, like triple play for example?

Yes, there is. It is called AIR. A unique system proprietary to Globtel Holding from Slovenia, member of the European Union. The MSO mentioned above, chose the AIR System. They could have gone with one of the industry giants but they chose the system even though it was invented by a small company that is still relatively unknown in the market. They chose not to fall in line with everyone else but to take a chance. All they risked though, was the time invested. The person from the MSO who introduced the system to the board, decided to take that risk and invest the time. But it was a calculated risk. He did his due diligence, they looked at the company’s history, at the references and he saw the system work. Suddenly, it was not a risk anymore but instead the MSO recognized the system performs like no other and will assure them market dominance in the target area. A PoC was implemented into their network and they saw how it performs and what it can do. Globtel Holding delivered on their promise. At that time it was something no other fixed wireless solution could come even close. And there still is none.

The MSOs project was a huge success and they never looked back.

Globtel Holding with its AIR System is the market leader in regard to throughput and distances covered by a single base station. And it is one of the very few fixed wireless systems that can support triple play.  

There are quite some perks to the system but the highlights are:

·         Up to 10 Gbit/s of throughput per sector antenna (4×10 Gbit/s per BS)

·         Up to 50 kilometers reach (31 miles)

·         Number of clients limited only by throughput

·         Full triple play

·         Unlimited number of “TV Only” clients

Even though the system is deployed in urban areas as well it truly excels in rural and suburban areas. It is deployed fast, it is easy to manage, it has unmatched capacities – it is the ultimate last mile solution when time and cost are of the essence.

Most importantly though, it is the ultimate solution when one has the quality of service and the people in mind!