Globtel AIR is the natural successor!


Right now, there are still many legacy MMDS networks in full use. Even though the technology and the hardware is old, it is still providing revenue for the operators and connectivity to the users with very few options.

There are severe limitations when it comes to current MMDS deployments including lack of capacity, some deployments are still one directional and require an alternative technology for the upstream band, end of life from the vendors prevents quality maintenance, ..

Several operators, including the United Group (previously Liberty Global) selected the Globtel AIR Solution as the ideal way to seamlessly replace their existing MMDS/LMDS network.

As Globtel AIR is DOCSIS based, it follows the standard with its development and can support up to D3.1. For that reason, it provides enough capacity to serve a significant amount of subscribers at a very competitive pricing being significantly more cost effective than any wired solution and still maintaining fiber-like quality of service.


Especially for Cable providers it is an ideal solution for expanding their wired cable networks as the integration into a cable ecosystem is due to the compatibility virtually seamless. All the existing infrastructure can be used including OSS/BSS, CMTSs as well as cable modems at customers premises.


Key advantages of the Globtel AIR Solution are:

·         Up to 5 Gbps of throughput capacity per sector antenna depending on spectrum bandwidth

·         Up to 50 kilometres coverage range

·         Amount of users connected limited by throughput only

·         Support of triple play services with the addition of OTT, home security, smart home, ..

·         Multi dwelling/Multi office building served by a single AIR CPE unit

·         Quick roll out – takes less than a day to setup a base station

Due to all these facts, right now there are very few solutions that can compete and Globtel is ready to support and consult during the transition from legacy LMDS/MMDS systems to the Globtel AIR Solution from the start of planning right until the power on button is pressed!