AIR triple play system is a gigabit last mile solution for bidirectional transport of television, Internet and VoIP services. With AIR technology services providers can be operational in a much shorter time compared to wireline deployments and can have cost-effective access to high-speed broadband without large scale investments.

Be prepared

High-speed broadband without large scale investments

The world is moving towards gigabit broadband with an immersive media consumption environment – requiring 5G or fiber based broadband & content delivery.

Having access to infrastructure that can deliver such high speeds with integrated media delivery is crucial!


Where can AIR be used?

The unique combination of long-range and high capacity makes the Air solution a perfect choice for all types of environments. The AIR system can be equally effectively deployed in urban, suburban and/or rural areas.

AIR offers approximately 90% lower cost compared to the deployment of a wireline network. AIR Last mile solution can be operational in a much shorter time compared to wireline deployments. No costly and time-consuming road and construction work is needed to lay the cables in the ground, nor building permits.


World wide AIR


Brasil, Netherlands, Russia, Canada, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovakia, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Mauritius


Argentina, USA, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire, Serbia, Congo, Haiti, Comoros

Frequency Acquired

Curaçao, Poland, Kenya, Burkina Faso

With all these the AIR solution offers a very good opportunity for investors and greenfield operators, especially in underserved areas. „Pay as you grow“ financing policy makes this opportunity even more attractive.