The Globtel team, comprised of engineers, regulatory and marketing specialists with a cumulative experience of decades in the telecoms sector provides professional services to our clients throughout the process of the planning and deploying of the AIR Solution.

Due to the wide array of experience of our staff, we help in planning the network, RF planning, regulatory procedures both in regard to spectrum licenses and other regulatory demands like type approvals, other licenses etc.

Our team is on standby to help with any potential challenge that might arise and we are known to find quick and efficient solutions.


At our company we do not just sell our AIR solution but also offer comprehensive service and as such we can provide with our technology partners a turnkey solution for the deployment of the AIR solution and all corresponding and required services.

Our turnkey solutions provide the customer with a high-level technical solution, which includes network schematics, case study, coverage study and study of system stability.

The turnkey solution and study normally covers the following main blocks if applicable:

  • Head end equipment
  • Conditional access system
  • Base station sites equipment
  • Last-mile equipment – AIR CPE, AIR TVWS, WIFI-hotspots
  • CPE customer premises equipment
  • IP core network
  • Customer relation management system
  • SoftSwitch, Mail server
  • Support systems
  • Special services
  • Licenses

Once the project is identified and the client has provided basic data, Globtel prepares a comprehensive project study that gives our client a full overview of the project in one document.

The project study includes but is not limited to base station coverage zones, rain fade study, CAPEX investment, BoM and recommendations provided by Globtel engineers on how the solution should be deployed in order to achieve maximum efficiency.


System design is a part of our service portfolio which we can offer to our customers. The planning process is tailored according to customer needs and demands and focused on optimizing existing networks to boost end user experience.

Our system design service is orientated towards assuring an optimal end user experience and can include the full range of services from technology deployment:

The turnkey solution and study normally covers the following main blocks if applicable:

  • network transformation/adaptation and network optimization,
  • network planning with included traffic forecasting,
  • throughput capacity planning for base station sites,
  • frequency usage planning for base station sites

The physical deployment is performed by Globtel engineers together with local partners and client’s staff on site.

This includes configuration of the base station, training, and a few exemplary CPE installations.


We at our company provide also specialist training for partners and customers in the field of commercial deployments and usage and maintenance of AIR equipment.

All training activities are done at our premises in Maribor, Slovenia or by request on any other location that is agreed with the partner/customer. At all our training sessions we provide all necessary materials, tools and technical equipment that is needed during the training. We also provide on-site training when a deployment is taken live.

Commercial training
Commercial training is aimed towards understanding all system features, advantages, key selling points and other issues, relevant for the efficient commercial presentation of the system.

Technical training
Technical training's goal is to completely understand the full operability of the system, all components, their deployment, setup, management, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


We offer our basic SLA which for the first 12 months after installation covers:

  • availability of technical assistance; Monday - Friday, 8:00 - 16:00 CET working days only;
  • included SW updates, bug fixes and feature releases (except features that are separately priced or licensed);
  • included AIR equipment general remote assistance;
  • included AIR equipment remote reconfiguration assistance;

Excluded from Service level agreement(covered in maintenance):

  • 3rd party equipment support;
  • defined reaction time in case of troubles;
  • spare parts stock.

In addition to the basic SLA, we offer also extended maintenance modules that cover all possible service and maintenance requests.

The customer can choose from three different modules of maintenance services, namely “basic” module, “advanced” module and “premium” module. Separate modules differ in reaction time, availability of spare parts, extended warranty, special add-on services, special control modules.