The newest Globtel product series, AIR Gigaray is now available in most global markets.

The global pandemic has pointed out how high the need for connectivity globally really is and how many house holds are still underserved or even unserved apart from extremely expensive satellite connectivity.

Connectivity does not equal connectivity either. There is a large number of households in all major global markets that do have some sort of broadband but it is highly unreliable, with minimum throughputs and often based on legacy DSL system.

We have recognized this problem even before the pandemic and developed a state of the art fixed wireless access solution tailored to most licensed spectrum bands allocated for Point to Multipoint applications.

The AIR Gigaray products are now available both with an indoor unit as well as in an all outdoor variant and are supporting licensed bands:

  • 10 GHz
  • 12-14 GHz
  • 24 GHz
  • 28 GHz
  • 31 GHz
  • 36-39 GHz
  • 47 GHz
  • 60 GHz
  • 70-85 GHz

With market leading capacities in terms of throughput and users connected in addition to significantly upgraded coverage range, the Gigaray series is probably the best fit to quickly and very cost efficiently connect the unconnected or those, that require more than the current infrastructure allows for.

  • Key features of the solution which make it stand out among all other fixed wireless access solutions are:

    4.7 Gbps of downlink throughput and 2.7 Gbps of uplink throughput per sector
  • Number of users connected limited by throughput only
  • Supporting both licensed microwave and mmWave bands
  • All outdoor unit signficantly reducing tower footprint and cost
  • Support any service that would be available on a wired network like IPTV, DVB, OTT, VoIP

For more information, reach out to and we will be happy to evaluate what we can do together to expand your service area and equally importantly connect those who need reliable and state of the art broadband the most!

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