New E-Band mmWave Service via Fixed Wireless will offer Gigabit speeds to East Bay businesses and homes.

SAN MATEO, California – January 2023 – Etheric Networks, a leading provider of fiber + wireless internet service in the Bay Area, and Globtel Holding today announced the deployment of a new base station in Emeryville using Globtel’s AIR Gigaray Integra E-Band technology. The deployed base station is the first in a series that will comprise a new commercial fiber-like wireless network in the area. This expansion brings new internet options to thousands of businesses and homes in Emeryville and Berkeley.

Etheric Networks deployed Globtel’s E- Band (mmWave) AIR Gigaray Integra solution at Pacific Park Plaza, which will provide more than a gigabit of throughput to end-users while supporting the multi-gigabit capacity of the base station. For locations already served by in-ground fiber or cable, rooftop fixed wireless is a natural choice for business backhaul or failover.

Benefits of Millimeter Wave

  • Higher speed facilitates the continuous real-time transmission of large amounts of data.
  • Wider bandwidth improves the performance of data-intensive applications.
  • Lower latency supports real-time services and cloud-based computing systems.

About Globtel’s AIR Gigaray Integra solution

  • The Docsis Remote PHY is integrated into the Access Point
  • Direct fiber connection to the Access Point
  • Downlink capacity per 90° sector of 4.7 Gbps, upgradable to 10.5 Gbps
  • Uplink capacity per 90° sector of 2.7 Gbps, upgradable to 6 Gbps
  • End-user Internet speeds up to 2,000/950 Mbps
  • Simple solution with less maintenance and easy integration
  • A low total cost of ownership

Why choose AIR

  • Gigabit FWA to-the-home
  • Industry-leading sector capabilities
  • Unprecedented coverage distance
  • Licensed and unlicensed spectrum supported
  • The only certified and commercially available at LMDS and E-band

Alexander Hagen, CEO, Etheric Networks, said: “Etheric was founded to deliver capabilities and speeds that the large providers haven’t yet achieved, and we are committed to exploring new ways to provide cutting edge, next-generation services to our community using the energy-efficient, green approach. The service we are bringing to Berkeley using Globtel E-Band millimeter wave technology is multi-gigabit, backed by our own dark fiber with direct peering connections to all premium Silicon Valley content delivery networks such as Apple, Netflix, Google, and Yahoo.”

About Globtel Holding and AIR solution

Globtel Holding enables cable companies, WISPs, and fiber-based companies to deliver fiber-like broadband and services related to it like IPTV, DVB, VoIP via fixed wireless access. Globtel has developed a revolutionary fixed wireless access platform based on the DOCSIS standard which allows operators to provide fiber-like services and gigabit access to residential and enterprise users in a flexible and efficient manner at a fraction of the time it would take to deploy a wired network and as such monetize the network virtually immediately.

About Etheric Networks

Etheric Networks is a leading internet service provider dedicated to delivering fast, reliable, and affordable connectivity for business, government, and residential clients. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, Etheric spans the greater Bay Area, using a wholly-owned fiber backbone and licensed broadband fixed wireless towers. For more information, visit