Along with FTTx, fixed wireless is currently the hottest topic in the industry when it comes to network expansions. As an industry leader in fixed wireless access infrastructure in terms of throughput, Globtel holding is happy to support operators with expanding their networks utilizing the DOCSIS based Gigaray product series as well as AIR Omniray which is a TVWS based solution.

1. AIR Gigaray spectrum support

The AIR Gigaray platform now supports a wide array of spectrum options:

  • 10 GHz
  • 12 GHz
  • 24-32 GHz
  • 36-39 GHz
  • 47 GHz
  • 69-71 GHz

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2. 70/80 GHz FCC Certification

We are happy to announce, that the Globtel AIR Gigaray 70/80 GHz solution has been certified by the FCC for the US market and is commercially available. Canadian certification for the same equipment type is expected shortly.

The solution utilizes license exempt 69-71 GHz spectrum providing gigabit end user throughput for up to 3 miles in the download and 81-83 GHz spectrum with up to 500 Mbps throughput in the upload.

With cumulative radio capacity of 3.1 Gbps in the download and 2.7 Gbps in the upload it is currently the best choice of any unlicensed product for high quality connectivity.

3. 29/31 GHz licensed spectrum availability in the US

By partnering closer with company GeoLinks, a solution utilizing A and B spectrum bands in LMDS spectrum range in the US is now available for commercial use. GeoLinks has recently acquired A and B spectrum in 29/31 GHz range and is now one of the major holders of LMDS spectrum. Together we have prepared a package deal which includes spectrum and the equipment in a significant number of markets throughout the US.

The solution utilizes 275 MHz of licensed spectrum for the downlink and 125 MHz of licensed spectrum for the uplink.

Main specifications of the platforms are:

  • Maximum coverage range of 20 kilometres / 12 miles
  • Total downlink capacity of 2.3 Gbps
  • Total uplink capacity of 2 Gbps
  • Excess of 1 Gbps throughput per end user

4. Supply chain and lead times

As most vendors in the industry, we are experiencing delays in lead times due to the global semiconductor shortage and disruptions in distribution networks that are heavily affecting telecoms.

We are informing our customers that our suppliers are expecting larger deliveries in a timely manner. We are confident that the deliveries of these essential components will “normalize” soon and will not be as disruptive as they currently are.

5. DOCSIS 4.0 and CableLabs FWA engagement

We are super excited in seeing how DOCSIS 4.0 is becoming a real thing and are following the development of other DOCSIS based FWA solutions where CableLabs is playing a large part.

Globtel has always been the traditional DOCSIS based fixed wireless vendor and we plan to support the development of future DOCSIS based FWA products to the fullest.

We highly appreciate CableLabs support in the development of the DOCSIS fixed wireless market and products.

6. Now until New Year

We are happy to say that in the following four months we have nine more commercial and PoC deployments agreed on in multiple countries but with the majority in the United States.

We are proud that we were selected by the operators for commercial and trial deployments and are absolutely sure that their subscribers will benefit significantly from state-of-the-art technology and real ultrafast broadband where it was not available until now.

For further information on the solution, reach out and we will be happy to have a conversation and elaborate on the specifics further!

7. Webinar Recording available

We had the pleasure to conduct a webinar on How to Bring Gigabit Broadband to Rural Communities with our US partner`s CEO Mr. Skyler Ditchfield and our global strategic partner`s senior director Mr. David Whitehead together with Globtel`s VP of Sales Mr. Pavle Mikuz on the technical details and use cases in how to deploy the Globtel AIR Gigaray, what spectrum to use and what performance is to be expected.

The webinar is available for on demand view HERE