How to Leverage Fixed Wireless Access to Deliver Broadband Services

March 11, 2020 | 2.30 PM CET



Globtel Holding (Link nas naš page) and Harmonic (link na njihov page) are partnering in providing a market leading fixed wireless solution in regards to throughput, number of users connected per transmission site, coverage range and services supported.

As the world is moving towards gigabit broadband and immersive media consumption is on the rise, opportunities to leverage Fixed Wireless Solutions can allow you to benefit from the growing demand for broadband connections in regions where XDSL and Fiber implementations struggle.

Get the big picture on how to meet the growing demand for broadband in remote, sparsely occupied areas, as well as high-density populations.

Topics covered include:

  • Insights on broadband service delivery using DOCSIS wireless solutions
  • Essential factors for providing high-speed internet connectivity for residential, business and shared infrastructures
  • Revenue opportunities around broadband voice, broadcast, and on-demand video services

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David Whitehead
Senior Director, Cable Solutions

David has been involved in the Cable Industry since 1995, working on the earliest iterations of Cable Modems and Cable Telephony with Motorola. David has since worked closely with the many iterations of DOCSIS from the early days of DOCSIS 1.0 to now deploying the most advanced DOCSIS 3.1 solutions with Remote-PHY technology and virtualization.

David has been employed in Technology Leadership positions encompassing not only DOCSIS and HFC Technologies, but also Video – covering Broadcast, VOD, OTT and Cloud Solutions – and other Access architectures such as DSL and PON. His experience with vendors such as 3Com, RiverDelta Networks, Motorola and now Harmonic has kept him at the forefront of Technology advances in Cable.

In his role at Harmonic, David is responsible for growing Harmonic’s Access Network business in EMEA, helping not only to deploy advanced technology solutions with leading Cable Operators, but forging Technology Partnerships with other key industry vendors. David also works closely with Cable Operators to improve their Video – optimizing deployments as they move towards OTT, IP and increasingly Cloud based video infrastructures.

Pavle Mikuz
VP Sales & Business Development
Globtel Holding

Pavle has started working in the industry in 2006 when DOCSIS 2.0 was state of the art technology in the cable environment. For the next decade, he was in various technology related roles within one of the biggest MSOs in Southern Europe. He was involved in the transformation of the MSO from DOCSIS 2.0, to 3.0 and later 3.1.

Pavle has later been recruited by Globtel, one of the vendors of the MSO, in the sales department and is now Vice President of Sales and Business Development overseeing the sales efforts in North America, LATAM, EMEA and APAC. While leading the sales teams of Globtel, he is still involved in the technology part of the company and helping the engineering and R&D teams with inputs from the market so that Globtel AIR System follows the trends and the demands of the market.