Implementations of

AIR Gigaray

BH Telecom

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is divided on three autonomic states (Serbian part, Croatian and Bosnian part), BH Telecom is facing problem of not having their own fixed infrastructure in specific areas but at the same time a big demand…



was an existing mobile services provider on the island. Due to the fact that delivering Multi-Media services cost effectively, has been more than a challenge for operators for decades now and some of the competitors…



In Atlantic city, NJ, USA the wired infrastructure is very old and worn out. Although the majority of households can get a subscription at one of the wired networks, the quality of services is very poor. Internet speeds are low and…


K3 Liberia

In Liberia, like in many African countries, there is a demand for an affordable high speed triple play service and most of all stable TV content which is in majority provided from satellite with down times in the rainy season…


K3 Sierra Leone

Due to this identified opportunity the company searched for a cost effective wireless delivery system to deliver reliable triple play services even during the….


United Group

At the time, Telemach was a cable provider with its network only in the urban areas of Slovenia. Though even in the urban areas, Telemach still had white spots that had to be served. Certain urban, suburban and rural municipalities in the northwest, south and central Slovenia were notoriously underserved and due to a very fast development…