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Q: What are the key differences between AIR Gigaray using DOCSIS 3.0 or DOCSIS 3.1?

A: The key differences are that DOCSIS 3.1 supports higher modulations and as such higher throughput both to the end user as well as cumulative throughput of the sector antenna. Another important factor is that D3.1 supports adaptive modulation and is as such significantly more resistant to rain fade effects than DOCSIS 3.0

Q: Can any standard DOCSIS equipment on the CMTS and the Modem side be used?

A: Yes, any CableLabs certified equipment is supported with the AIR Gigaray product while AIR Gigaray Integra is based on Harmonic CableOS on the CMTS side but can still utilize any CableLabs certified cable modem on the customers side.

Q: Is the product FDD or TDD?

A: The product is FDD and as such requires a frequency pair.

Q: Can the frequencies be customized if they are not listed on your website?

A: Yes, we tailored the product to clients needs and have several deployments with custom frequencies deployed.

Q: Can I trial the equipment?

A: Yes, we support proof of concepts which are discussed on an individual basis.

Q: Do you deploy the equipment or do we have to do it with our staff?

A: We do initial deployments of the first base station and a selected number of CPEs. During that period we also provide extensive training which will enable your staff to operate and deploy the solution.

Q: Does it have to a be a remote phy unit or can we use a remote CMTS?

A: A remote CMTS can be used. It is either a remote phy device or a CMTS at the tower location.

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