AIR Technology


AIR Gigaray

AIR Gigaray is a unique integrated gigabit fixed wireless point to multipoint platform providing the technological edge to fixed and mobile operators. Based on the DOCSIS standard, the platform mimics a cable network and such provides key advantages in the fixed wireless ecosystem in regard to capacities in throughput and coverage range, supported services and compatibility with standard DOCSIS equipment.

AIR Gigaray Integra

AIR Gigaray Integra is the latest addition to the AIR Gigaray product series. Globtel AIR Gigaray Integra was specially designed to reduce indoor footprint as the DOCSIS remote PHY is integrated directly into the base station sector antenna and fully incorporated in Harmonic CableOS virtual Docsis CMTS cloud solution and its ecosystem.

AIR Omniray

AIR Omniray is a disruptive Fixed Wireless Access technology leveraging the unused TV White Space spectrum. It was designed to connect the unconnected in sparsely populated, remote areas. Due to its NLOS characteristics and penetration of trees and foliage it is ideal for areas where alternative FWA or wired technologies are not deployable.
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