Globtel AIR Gigaray product family can be used to provide high capacity backhaul to your existing or planned network.

Backhaul services usually consist of point-to-point or fibre links. With a high number of served locations the cost of Capex and OPEX can get very high. With Globtel AIR Gigaray products you can serve multiple locations from one location with enough capacity. Thus, lowering CAPEX and OPEX of your network. At receiving location there is no need for any bulk equipment which means that you can backhaul your network even in urban areas by putting all equipment outdoor on rooftops or poles.

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Our solution is especially suitable for networks with many locations like Wi-Fi or small cells. It is also very suitable for backhauling remote cable systems (HFC networks) or larger multi-dwelling units. Cable networks can easily expand their network, connect additional customers, or bridge the distance from the headend to smaller networks without high costs of laying cables.Along with backhaul service you can also connect end-customers with retail service. Backhaul solution is suitable for urban, suburban and rural areas and works with different types of networks

Key advantages for Backhaul operations when utilizing the Globtel AIR Solution:

Feed multiple sites from one location

Cost efficient

Gigabit capacity

Easy maintenance

Wifi networks

Backhaul and end-user services at the same time